Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this has absolutely nothing to do with knitting...

but i just had to share.

i have absolutely the BEST girlfriend in the world! not only is she beautiful (and for some bizarre reason, completely in love with me too...) and intelligent and creative and funny, but she also loves video games! be still, o my beating heart!

it is a nerd-dream come true! ^_^

i snapped this with my laptop's built in camera last night without her noticing...she's playing the ps2 family guy game...isn't she just too damn cute? (yes, i realize you can't actually see her face, but still!!!) i suppose that if she knew i put this up here, she'd slaughter if you are reading this, babe...sorry! you were being so cute i couldn't resist!

that's all. i'm just completely head-over-heels retardidly in love with her and had to share.

le' siiiiigh

1 comment:

Diane said...

being retardedly in love is sooo awesome!
well no you cant see her face in this one, but i did in the other one. yea, she's a cutie!