Friday, December 5, 2008

i'm cleaning my room...i swear

see, i have a very specific technique when cleaning my involves shuffling around piles of crap so i feel like i make progress, finding half-finished projects, and finishing them "really fast."

i never said it was efficient, i just said it was a technique. ;)

today, i got distracted by a half finished comfy-coozy i was making valerie...figured i could finish it and give it to her with the rose i made for our anniversary (wow...a fake rose and a beer coozy...ain't i romantic? :P )

the coozy before getting a bottom sewn on

sewing sewing sewing (please ignore the fact that it is 1PM and i am in my poojammies)

inside out coozy, hiding the ends of the yarn

and the coozy in action. hooah!

alright...enough procrastination...i have a ton of cleaning to do...gotta have everything looking nice and neat for when valerie comes over!

all the yarn everywhere on my floor makes it look like a cat's wet dream in here...

Gratuitous Cute Couple Picture in honor of our anniversary!!!!BWAHAHAHA

Thursday, December 4, 2008

she's crafty...

so tomorrow valerie and i will be celebrating 3 months together...
and i am too poor to buy her a gift...being the sentimental fool i am, i would love to give her flowers, but it is too cold to find any growing outside and she doesn't like "plant carcasses" so, when i stumbled across this tutorial for making bead roses, i was thrilled.


the damn thing took me nearly 5 hours to complete...she's going to love it, though!

i didn't have any floral wire for the stem, so i just twisted all the wires from the petals together and wrapped them in green embroidery floss...i used a darker colored green underneath the main color wrapped around a couple of spiky shapes to form "thorns." the leaf is embroidered onto a piece of felt, and has wire inside of it so that it can be hands hurt now.

i'm going to go finish watching season 1 of Heroes on

Monday, December 1, 2008

bet. job. ever!!!!!!!!

I got a job through a friend of a friend...knitting samples for tigo gifts...i'm so fucking stoked...i have 2 weeks to make 2 baby blankets...wish me luck!

also, it looks like she might be interested in having me design some jewelry for her, too! i'm so stoked!

ok then...if anyone needs me i'll be up all night...knitting.