Thursday, December 4, 2008

she's crafty...

so tomorrow valerie and i will be celebrating 3 months together...
and i am too poor to buy her a gift...being the sentimental fool i am, i would love to give her flowers, but it is too cold to find any growing outside and she doesn't like "plant carcasses" so, when i stumbled across this tutorial for making bead roses, i was thrilled.


the damn thing took me nearly 5 hours to complete...she's going to love it, though!

i didn't have any floral wire for the stem, so i just twisted all the wires from the petals together and wrapped them in green embroidery floss...i used a darker colored green underneath the main color wrapped around a couple of spiky shapes to form "thorns." the leaf is embroidered onto a piece of felt, and has wire inside of it so that it can be hands hurt now.

i'm going to go finish watching season 1 of Heroes on

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