Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a-mew-zing things

I know, i know...i'm so goddamn funny(punny?) it hurts some times...
i found some amazing things on the internets, and thought i'd share a few.

Diego Stocco - Music From A Tree from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

see more Lolcats and funny pictures


(bizarrely entertaining)

(i love it when there are people so pathetically nerdy, even I can make fun of them...)

^^that one actually made me laugh my ass off...loudly...^^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knitting FAIL

I haven't posted to this in so long...i haven't really been knitting much...my mother and i were discussing this bizarre phenomenon today... its like when the weather gets warm, you don't want to be covered in a pile of fuzzy yarn or something...bizarre...anywho..

So my dad requested a cell phone case for fathers day. Nothing too complicated. right?


i have been trying for a week to get him to tell me what the model of his phone is so that i can look the dimensions up online, but he is techno-tarded and doesn't even know how to follow my instructions...and told me that the phone is "about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long...maybe 4..."thanks, dad. very helpful. my mom finally sent me the dimensions but i'm pretty sure she's on crack because they just DON'T. MAKE. SENSE.

so i came up with a design based on the numbers i was given and tweaked it a bit so that i could stitch a Monogram into it with his initials...decided i was going to basically knit a "+" shape and stitch it up...piece of cake.

The Unfinished product...

**please excuse the lack of progress shots...i got really pissed off REALLY fast**

Aaaaand the stitched up bit...notice the bizarre size of it? yeah.
my parents are "special"

Just to give you a little perspective, here is my girlfriend's phone in the pouch.
and she has a SMALL phone.

long story short, my dad is getting this piece of shit for fathers day with the promise of a new one as soon as he parts with his fucking phone long enough for me to measure it. at least the monogram turned out well.


Monday, March 23, 2009


been busy...sorry...i made zoe a little ittybitty armwarmer to match mine...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this has absolutely nothing to do with knitting...

but i just had to share.

i have absolutely the BEST girlfriend in the world! not only is she beautiful (and for some bizarre reason, completely in love with me too...) and intelligent and creative and funny, but she also loves video games! be still, o my beating heart!

it is a nerd-dream come true! ^_^

i snapped this with my laptop's built in camera last night without her noticing...she's playing the ps2 family guy game...isn't she just too damn cute? (yes, i realize you can't actually see her face, but still!!!) i suppose that if she knew i put this up here, she'd slaughter me...so if you are reading this, babe...sorry! you were being so cute i couldn't resist!

that's all. i'm just completely head-over-heels retardidly in love with her and had to share.

le' siiiiigh

Sunday, January 4, 2009

it's not that i haven't been knitting...

i just hate you all...

just kidding! i've been caught up in being a complete lazy bum lately, so i haven't gotten around to taking decent pictures of ANY of my projects...so bear with me!

first of all, i finished the blankets i was working on...only took a single crappy cellphone picture of the girl blanket though...seriously...this picture is horrible...

(edit: i just realized how hard it is to tell the scale of the damn thing in thhat picture...the finished size was 32" by 30" i believe...)
ok...so the colors are cream and pale yellow stripes with a sort of dusty rose colored border...and the boy blanket was the same thing only with a pale blue border...
i have no idea why i decided to take a picture of it in my lap in horrible lighting, but the fact that i was up for 36 straight hours finishing them might have something to do with that...

next up on the list of things i've actually FINISHED the last few weeks...i made valerie some kickass arm warmers that i forgot to take pictures of...maybe i'll get one of her wearing them later...however, i do have a picture of the matching pair i made her 2 year old niece, zoe...she absolutely LOVED them...i'll have to get a picture of her in hers as well...
keep in mind that these are bout 2 inches in diameter stretched out. :)

cutsie, no? she was walking around rubbing them on her face saying "they're ZOE'S! sooooft!" all night. :)

last but not least have a picture of the kickass chunky green wool scarf i'm making myself...i'm stoked! finally getting around to learning how to cable knit! it is so fun!

hokay...i'm outta here...but before i go, check it out! i got featured in skull-a-day! that is my all time favorite blog...and apparantly i qualify as a "cute girl." score!