Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Knitting FAIL

I haven't posted to this in so long...i haven't really been knitting much...my mother and i were discussing this bizarre phenomenon today... its like when the weather gets warm, you don't want to be covered in a pile of fuzzy yarn or something...bizarre...anywho..

So my dad requested a cell phone case for fathers day. Nothing too complicated. right?


i have been trying for a week to get him to tell me what the model of his phone is so that i can look the dimensions up online, but he is techno-tarded and doesn't even know how to follow my instructions...and told me that the phone is "about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long...maybe 4..."thanks, dad. very helpful. my mom finally sent me the dimensions but i'm pretty sure she's on crack because they just DON'T. MAKE. SENSE.

so i came up with a design based on the numbers i was given and tweaked it a bit so that i could stitch a Monogram into it with his initials...decided i was going to basically knit a "+" shape and stitch it up...piece of cake.

The Unfinished product...

**please excuse the lack of progress shots...i got really pissed off REALLY fast**

Aaaaand the stitched up bit...notice the bizarre size of it? yeah.
my parents are "special"

Just to give you a little perspective, here is my girlfriend's phone in the pouch.
and she has a SMALL phone.

long story short, my dad is getting this piece of shit for fathers day with the promise of a new one as soon as he parts with his fucking phone long enough for me to measure it. at least the monogram turned out well.


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PeaceLily said...

this is not necessarily fail, you could save it...maybe you could knit a strip in red and sew it on around the top to make it bigger. you could even add some black yarn accents to make it look all fancy and intentional!