Friday, December 5, 2008

i'm cleaning my room...i swear

see, i have a very specific technique when cleaning my involves shuffling around piles of crap so i feel like i make progress, finding half-finished projects, and finishing them "really fast."

i never said it was efficient, i just said it was a technique. ;)

today, i got distracted by a half finished comfy-coozy i was making valerie...figured i could finish it and give it to her with the rose i made for our anniversary (wow...a fake rose and a beer coozy...ain't i romantic? :P )

the coozy before getting a bottom sewn on

sewing sewing sewing (please ignore the fact that it is 1PM and i am in my poojammies)

inside out coozy, hiding the ends of the yarn

and the coozy in action. hooah!

alright...enough procrastination...i have a ton of cleaning to do...gotta have everything looking nice and neat for when valerie comes over!

all the yarn everywhere on my floor makes it look like a cat's wet dream in here...

Gratuitous Cute Couple Picture in honor of our anniversary!!!!BWAHAHAHA


PeaceLily said...

aww, that turned out cute. and i totally do the exact same thing when cleaning my room. it's awesome afterwards though, because you suddenly have so many more pairs of needles than you did before.

Diane said...

You really are quite the romantic! lol
And you two are so super cute together!
I personally have no system. My shit's thrown everywhere and I don't care.