Wednesday, February 24, 2010


just to prove that i haven't been neglecting my knitting, have a massive all-inclusive update of EVERYTHING i've done (successfully at least) since my last post ^_^

First of all, i present you with a group shot of all my "animules"...i apologize for the lack of progress shots...i actually took all these pictures on my way out the door to drive valerie to work, so deal with it!

Our first little projecty guy is
the sock-to-pus.
he was particularly interesting to make, as i had NEVER made a toy before...AND had to figure out how to make the heels on 8 tiny little socks! i'm ashamed to admit that i didn't actually come up with this idea myself. i found some website with StumbleUpon where the person was selling the pattern for $5, but never could find it again so i decided to make my own.
a better view of all his sockies...notice i was a dingus and put the suction cups on the wrong side of the tentacles? yeah. i rock.

After i made my sock-to-pus, i decided to make
a Banana.
the main reason for this little guy's existance is here:

...`nuff said.

I decided that the banana needed fruity friends recently, and thusly
the strawberry was born!

i made the banana about 4 months ago, and the strawberry about a week he is far superior to his yellow chum...behold...GOOGLE EYES!
aww, man...i got all out of order...lets see...after the banana came...

keekol is a tickle monster(that's why he has so many arms), and got his name because when zoe says "tickle" it comes out "keekol."
he is a monster of my own creation, and gave me the confidence to try other projects! I also decided after making him that all my monsters needed "K" names.
i love him so much that after i made him i started drawing cartoons of him.
i really liked the other monster i drew with him, so after keekol,
kootie was born!!

i'm pretty proud of his little dino-butt...

kootie was made as a birthday present for valerie. i actually gave him to her at the bar...that is where we learned that he is a drunken whore.
exhibit A:
buried face down in a beer.

exhibit B:
seriously...more beer?

exhibit C:
doing inappropriate things to our friend's boyfriend...gross...

lastly, exhibit D:
passed out on the table. (we have like, 40 pictures of him from that night...its ridiculous)
i think we need to get him into rehab.
i do enjoy how damn excited he looks about everything... after the drunken hooker Kootie came my latest project (and my current favorite)...
Beep-Boop is pretty much the cutest thing i've ever made in my life.
note the super cute robot-converse shoes with actual little laces?
i'm pretty proud of him.

i've been working on a G33K hat for a few days now, but i managed to ruin it last night so all you get are progress pictures.


i was trying so hard to make sure that i didn't screw it up, but somehow still managed to make it too short. i have completely forgotten how to make a hat! i can knit cartoons that i DRAW, but can't manage a simple effing hat. grr. closing, have a drawing of the next monster i want to knit.
he got thought up because i really wanted to knit a tie. i thought to myself, if i can knit a tie...why not a little collared shirt? and if i can do THAT, why not a little office-drone monster?

ok...that's it...the end for time i update it will be with Kubikle progress pictures, so stay tuned!


Emily said...

yay spoon yay! you've been so busy. these are way cute!

Sara said...

holy shit the mario hat. holy shit!