Wednesday, November 26, 2008

saints sins and stitchmarkers

I am extremely pleased with myself today...spent the morning organizing my stash and cleaning my room. I also stumbled across a medallion given to me by a friend last summer. It depicts St. Clare of Assisi (St. Chiara)...the patron saint of knitting!
need to figure out something cool to do with this...

please excuse the blurry picture...i took it with my laptop.

also, i came up with a cheap way to make some repurposed stitch markers!

i have stretched ears (size 0) and even though it looks amazingly silly to wear normal earrings in my holes (see below photo for reference :p ), i've hung onto a bunch of dangly earrings various people have given to me for sentimental reasons.

now, i tend to use whatever i have on hand as pins, bobby pins, bits of thread...but i am getting tired of it! my quest for a better solution led me to my jewelry box, where i came across a handful of my old earrings. with very little modifications to the hooks, they make great stitchmarkers! and now i don't have to go out and spend money on stupid plastic ones!

SCORE! plus, now my knitting is stylish and blingy!

ok...thats it for now...happy tofurkey day!


PeaceLily said...

that's such a good idea! yay! i never use stitch markers but if i did i'd totally follow your lead.

Noog said...

Haha! I found you!