Saturday, November 22, 2008

Testing testing one two

Howdy sports're in the wrong place!! now, knitting fans on the other hand...pull up a nice comfy chair, grab yourself a beer and make yourself at home! you have blindly stumbled upon my little knitting brag book...slash pattern posting area...and general all around knitting rant blog.

ummm...lets get started, shall we?

alrighty then...thanks to the joys of, i have found myself completely 100% adicted to intarsia knitting. i've been wanting to try it ever since i found the pattern below...i don't remember when i found it or where it came from, i just know that i saved it ages ago and it's been floating around on my harddrive ever since!

>>click on the pattern to view it full sized<<

so anyway...i decided to make it into a hat...

^^you can see in this picture the annoying little strands going back and
forth across the back of the project...the internets in all its wisdom
informs me that these are called "floats"...i hate these damn things...

^^i eventually got sick of the floats...they bunch up the design, and get
in the way. so, i strategically cut a bunch of them and tied them
together to prevent unraveling.

almost done!

aaaand the final project. do i look proud? because i am pretty damn proud. after all, i knocked this baby out in a day, a DAY! the plan had been that if i made the hat too small, or it didn't turn out quite right, i would "fix" it to the best of my abilities and give it to my little brother for christmas (he has a tiny head and isn't as picky as i am...sorry, bro!) but it turned out better than i thought, so it is mine! :P

you can see the skullbones better in this one...

all of this excitement got my knittin fingers itching, so i decided at 2am this morning to make a beer-cozy/coffee-sleeve/wrist-warmer (i have GOT to come up with a catchier name for those...suggestions?) while watching the Postman on AMC...horrible movie...never seen it? don't bother...anyway...i used the smaller skull in the pattern above, and put a little ribbed border along the top and bottom, but in my standard fuck-up-not-planning-ahead fashion, i didn't think to put another row between the image and the border, so where i purled above the skull, rather than having the top of a skullbones head, i got these weird little eyebrow looking him character, i suppose.

ok then...i guess that's all for now...i'm off to design a beer mug pattern for another one of those cozy-sleeve-warmer things...wish me luck! thanks for reading...

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